Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Phase 2

When I first started this blog, it was intended merely as a work space as I practiced my world creation skills.  It was never really intended to be anything more than some random game musings, and would never get larger than a handful of posts.

I pretty much accomplished that with my first series, which were based on the World Builder’s Handbook.  However, I have two new games that I’m working on, and I intend to use this space to both develop these settings as well as being my own record of these games.  So, the focus is going to shift a tad from pure world creation to actual games. 

The first game is FATE/Diaspora game based in the Mass Effect world.  As is usual for FATE games, this setting is actually co-created with the players, so I’m hoping to get them to do some posts as well for the game.  The second…well, I’m not sure what it will be yet.  Might be D&D, could be Vampire.  Might be something else…the players and I are still working things out.

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