Monday, December 9, 2013

Hero Hunters: Getting Work

So, now that I've worked out how I want the players to behave and how that affects the kinds of jobs they can get, I want to spend a bit of time thinking about how they actually go about getting those jobs, and what those jobs entail.

If only it were that easy

First off, there are a few different ways word of various jobs end up making their way to the players.

Open Bounties--various governments, crime syndicates, and other groups will just publicly announce they want something done, and the reward for this. Generally these are to either kill or capture an individual or a group, and payment is provided upon completion. How “public” these actually are varies, naturally--it’s not like the Mafia is going to put out flyers or anything, but anyone with any degree of contacts or remotely “plugged in” will know about these. There will almost always be rivals for the job, and the target almost always is aware of the danger they are under.

Direct Contact--the players are approached directly by a group that needs something done, generally either friends or direct relation (for example, they have a cousin who is a Made Man in the mob, or who works for DoD), or using those same relations as middle men (the Russian Mob might approach a friend in the Italian Mob who contacts the players).  Can be almost any kind of job.

Dark Web--the game will take place in the mid-90’s, and the Internet is still a wondrous and imposing thing.  Hidden deep behind “firewalls” and “mainframes” lurks the “Dark Web” a practically unknown and unpoliced location, where Villains and criminals of all stripes can conduct business in anonymity.

Brokers--the most legitimate and often the best paying gigs out there. They are generally limited to those with Rep’s of C or higher.  These are actual companies who take contracts from governments and corporations (even if these are often fronts for criminal or intelligence groups), and farm them out to various “independent contractors.”  You will be expected to keep your nose relatively clean, and pay taxes, fees, and what not from money earned.  Amsterdam and Hong Kong are the homes of the Independent Contractor world, and as such they are considered “safe cities.”

Next, I want to work up some random tables for various jobs. I love randomness in games, it helps keep me on my toes, and can be a wonderful tool for inspiration when I have nothing else to go on.  

Job (1d12)
  1. Assassination
  2. Assault
  3. Kidnapping
  4. Extraction
  5. Robbery
  6. Diversion
  7. Retainer
  8. Courier/Smuggling
  9. Military--Raid
  10. Military--Campaign
  11. Body Guard
  12. Defense

Employer (1d10)
  1. Crime Syndicate
  2. Private (1-2 Upper Class, 3-4 Middle Class, 5-6 Lower Class)
  3. Criminal Gang
  4. Major Corporation
  5. Medium Corporation
  6. Government (home)
  7. Government (foreign)
  8. Supervillain
  9. Aliens
  10. Terrorists

Target/Opposition (1d8)
  1. Major Corporation
  2. Medium Corporation
  3. Government
  4. Supervillain
  5. Superhero
  6. Criminal
  7. Private (1-2 Upper Class, 3-4 Middle Class, 5-6 Lower Class)
  8. Terrorists

Complications (1d8)
  1. Weather
  2. Authorities
  3. Other Villains
  4. Heroes
  5. Innocents
  6. Personal Issues
  7. Screwjob
  8. Unusual or bizarre opposition

Location (1d20)

  1. War Zone
  2. Foreign Country
  3. Skyscraper
  4. Secure Government Facility
  5. Prison
  6. Boat
  7. Jungle
  8. Underground
  9. Underwater
  10. Suburbs
  11. Aerial
  12. Frozen Waste
  13. Alien
  14. Rural
  15. Urban
  16. Industrial Facility
  17. Bank
  18. Private home
  19. Religious
  20. Public location/event

Payment (1d4)
  1. Prior Payment
  2. Advance/Completion
  3. Intermediary
  4. Payment on Completion

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