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Jaquaying the Vampire, Part III

(I'm creating a new vampire character for a game I'm about to join. I've decided to embrace a bit of randomness and use Jennell Jaquay's Central Casting: Heroes Now    to come up with the background. Part I covered the initial ideas, Part II the roles. ) Alright, now that I have the background rolls and random results, it's time for me to make this character into a real, life (er...undead) person. As with any random system, you need to be willing to keep, throw out, modify, and add to the results of the Central Casting  series--this is a feature of the system, not a bug. First, let's go over some initial ideas I have about this character based on what I got. Two things strike me about this character--first, that he's a collector. Second, that he's "Energetic." It's the second one that strikes me more than anything. He's not the kind of Vampire to sit around in Elysium plotting and scheming, he's someone who is going to be out

Jaquaying the Vampire, Part II

( I’m joining a new Vampire game. Having no specific ideas for a character, I’m going to try and create one using Jennell Jaquay’s “Here’s Now” book. It is long out of print, but used copies are available via Amazon . Part 1 can be found here ). Ok, now let’s get to the meat of character creation. Right now, I only know a few things I want for this character. I want to play a male character. I’ve “gender swapped” before, and it can be quite a bit of fun, and a play by post game might be ideal for such a situation. But, right now, I feel like playing a male character. He’s going to be a Vampire He will probably be around 150 years old. Most of other PC’s seems to be Ancillas or Elders and I’ve never tried playing on of these, so we’ll follow the herd in this situation. I lean towards the monstrous side of things. Heroes Now! is designed for the 20th Century characters, so I’ll need to be a bit more liberal in my interpretations than I otherwise would. I am totally fi

Jaquaying the Vampire, Part 1

With apologies to  Justin Alexander I’m about to join a new Play-by-Post Vampire game, and I am incredibly excited about it. Vampire: The Masquerade is one of my favorite games of all time; and, while I still run it on a fairly regular basis, I almost never get to play in it. So, finally being able to try the fangs out for myself will be a treat! I was able to get a preview of some of the action on it (Located at Bound By Night , hopefully I won’t get in trouble for mentioning it)  and I was immediately impressed by the talent and passion of the writers/gamers who are already involved. I don’t have a lot of experience with Play by Post games, and most of the ones I have done have focused more on “frequent brief posts” than anything else. Bound By Night seems more like a collaborative novel than emulating the table top experience--which sound ideal for Vampire. Though I will admit, I feel a tad intimidated by the volume, creativity, and talent they already have display. Hm,