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Let's Compare Editions! Part 6 -- Combat

Let’s Compare the different editions of Vampire: The Masquerade Combat Despite the fundamental basics of gameplay not having changed significantly between the various editions, each has their own rather unique take on Combat for Vampire . Given this variation, I'm going to do a brief overview of how each Edition handles Combat, saving the comparison and analyses for this end. Let's get to it! 1st Especially in 1st, DODGE! Dear Lord, DODGE! Initiative is generally a Wits + Alertness (Diff 4), but any other appropriate Ability (Brawl, Melee, Firearms, etc.) can be used. Combat is divided up into two different categories-- Hand-to-Hand and Firefight. Initiative is generally not rolled for Hand-to-Hand  but is for Firefights.  For Hand-to-Hand , each combatant rolls Dexterity+Brawl/Melee, with a difficulty based on the maneuver they are using or the weapon they are wielding. The one with the most success manages to make contact. The Damage is determined

Transylvania Chronicles Redux -- ACT X

Transylvania Chronicles IV The Dragon Ascendant Act X: The Danube By Moonlight (Massive Spoilers) Summary : In 1897, the characters learn of the recovery of a long lost tome dedicated to Kupala. A deranged and vengeance obsessed Ravnos named Vladislav has shared the information with various interested parties--Camarilla, Sabbat, and Dracula. A fourth faction of mortal hunters and scholars also involve themselves, and learns of Vladislavs scheme, and attempt to retrieve the book themselves. The characters arrive in Vienna, meet with their old friend (?) Nova Arpad, present themselves to the Prince of Vienna, and begin their investigation into the book. After various inquiries, the players learn of strange goings on in a nearby cemetery, When they investigate, they see a Sabbat mass creation rite. Or, it would be, if not for the intervention of Mitru the Hunter, who has slain the fledglings, and is in Vienna for the book himself. He heads to a Cathedral where the book and

Let's Compare Editions! Part 5 -- Setting

Let’s Compare the different editions of Vampire: The Masquerade Setting Probably the most striking difference in the Setting as presented in the various Editions of Vampire is how much more detailed and codified the presented setting became. Obviously, there's continuity between each Edition -- there's always a Camarilla, Sabbat, and Inconnu. There's a Prince, there's the Traditions, the Primogen, the Elysium. There are the Conclaves and the Justicars and...well, actually, that's about it. At least, that's about all there was in 1st . I mean, granted, a bit more information was presented in the various by Night books and in the Storytellers Handbook . But, at it's core, the information is relatively sparse. In a way, it reflects a more wide open take on the setting. Take, for example, the brief information we have for the Primogen in 1st .  Many Elders invariable support the existing Prince, simply because they do not wish to risk turmoil. T

Let's Compare Editions! Part 4 -- Derangements

Let’s Compare the different editions of Vampire: The Masquerade Derangements Derangements are probably best known to players of the various editions of Vampire for their role as the defining Clan Flaw of the Malkavians. They have long been a source of debate, discussion, and often intense arguments among the various players and Storytellers; debates that have had few, if any, "winners." Ultimately, how one handles such a delicate issue is best left to the individual Storyteller, as their word is final for any give Chronicle. Having said that, each Edition has their own way of handling this thorny issue. And thorny it is. Before we proceed, I feel I must put my own cards on the table, so to speak. While I did major in Psychology in College, I do not possess any advanced degrees in this field, and am incapable of speaking about actual Mental Health issues. Secondly, I am approaching this strictly from a "game mechanic" point of view--the actual DSM V defini

Let's Compare Editions! Part 3 -- Clans, and their Flaws

Let's Compare the different editions of Vampire: The Masquerade Clans, and their Flaws The Clans have remained one of the great constants throughout  Vampire's  run. While 1st  and 2nd  listed only the Camarilla Clans in the core book -- Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere, and Ventrue -- the Sabbat/Independent Clans still certainly existed back in these early days, even if they were then restricted to the Players Guide. What basic changes there are between editions tends to be more a result of shading and nuancing the Clans rather strong initial archetypal presentation, rather than a wholesale re-imagining. The Sabbat and Independent Clans more so that the Camarilla ones, as these were often initially conceived purely as antagonists to the players, rather than as viable characters in their own right.  The changes between the editions for a few of the Clans, at least in terms of the core book, has been in their flaws. The main ones are: As

Transylvania Chronicles Redux -- ACT IX

Transylvania Chronicles III Ill Omens Act IX: The Blood of Tyrants (Massive Spoilers) Summary : It is 1789 and the players have decided to travel to Paris, the greatest city in Europe. Some might have already moved there, others are invited to partake in its social life, or to learn about new ideas they have heard of such as “Liberty,” or perhaps they’ve come to burn the place to the ground. Initially, they all share a terrible, portentous dream of them chasing a young man through a labyrinthine fortress to the sound of Anatole’s reading/chanting. When they arrive in Paris, they are met by a friendly local (who he is varies based on their history) who welcomes them and prepares them to enter Parisian society. They attend a fantastic ball, where they meet such old friends as Lucita and Anatole, as well as new ones like the scholar Becket, the Sabbat agitator Chatelle, and the Prince of Paris, Francois Villon. After much celebrating (including a potential faux pas), the peac