Thursday, April 13, 2017

Let's Play Alien Hunger

What follows is an experiment in Solo Gaming, or at least an experiment for myself. I have run a few games in the past, but I wanted to try out a pre-published module. To see how it would be different from a normal game, how it would be the same, and what I can learn from it. 

The end result is more of a "fan fiction" take on the concept, rather than a standard recap. Unlike a typical Solo Game, in which you play the character and allow a Emulator to take the roll of the Game Master, I decided to try a "PC Emulator."  The characters and their reactions were determined by random rolls, and the result was, for me at least, a fascinating story with plenty of unexpected twists and turns. 

The module I choose was one of my all-time favorites, Alien Hunger.   The system used was Vampire: The Masquerade (1st Edition). The Emulator I choose was Mythic. All characters not defined by the module were created using the Universal NPC Emulator. Names were from Everyone, Everywhere. I hope you enjoy!

Night 1: A Fiery Awakening Stolen from their mundane lives, three average college students find themselves suddenly changed into something Other.

On their first night alone, the college students struggle to understand just what it is they've become. 

Night 2: Daron  Daron seeks out help from the one person he thinks he can trust.
Night 2: Trent Frustrated and beaten down as a mortal, Trent tries to embrace the monster he had become.
Night 2: Maya Terrified at what has happened, Maya flees from her old life

Night 2: Never Alone The characters reunite, forced to work together if they want to have any hope of survival.

NIght 3: The World Around Them The characters begin to figure out how to survive as the monsters they've become, while other forces begin to coalescence around them.  

Night 4: The Heist The characters make a desperate gamble to find blood without killing.

Night 4: Reaching Out New plans form, and they contact those they hope can aid them.

Night 5: Retaliation They begin their investigations and the other Kindred begin their hunt.

Night 6: Stealing from Thieves The coterie strike out to get the resources they need.

Night 6: Things Fall Apart Everything that can go wrong, does.

Night 7: In the Land of Dead Hunters track the coterie down.

Night 8: Plans And Alliances Fresh allies offer some hope for the coterie.

Night 9: Reprieve A quiet night reveals how far they've fallen.

Night 10: Confrontations & Answers As tensions threaten to tear the coterie apart, they find the answers they have long sought.

Night 11: To Live and Die Again With answers in hand, they must make their final decisions. 

Want to know more about Sole Gaming? Checkout out here or here. Or the Lone Wolf Google+ Community. 

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