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Great World of Darkness Chronicle: Adventures and Stories

When I first though of doing " The Great World of Darkness Chronicle ." my intention was to run a solo game of various groups through all, or at least most, of the pre-published stories for Vampire, Werewolf, and Mage.  Knowing that most of these are, eh, let's just say "thoroughly plotted", my thought was to heavily intersperse these tales with my own custom and randomly generated stories. Well, I've spend the past day or so trying to come up with a complete list of the adventures. So far, this is what I have. I spent far too much time trying to get blogger to post these images at the same size. Sorry. Now, looking at this, a couple of thoughts pop into my head. First, I'm clearly missing a few adventures. Possibly quite a few. My main source was the fan-based White Wolf Wiki  and I know for a fact they were missing some. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything close to a better source. Even drivethrurpg  didn't come close to the

The Great World of Darkness Chronicle

After the relative success of my solo  Let's Play Alien Hunger  (success, in this case, being defined by the fun I had while playing/writing it, not on any other metric), I want to try something similar, but far more expansive. I want to solo "The Great World of Darkness Chronicle." Essentially, I want to go through all, or at least most, of the published adventures, starting from the earliest and leading up to the Gehenna books. Of course, "Great World of Darkness Chronicle" is a bit of a misnomer--I'm really just interested in doing the Vampire , Werewolf , and Mage games. Even that will be a tremendous undertaking, particularly since family, work, other "standard games" (running one and playing in another as of this writing), and the annoying thing we call "real life" will take up a huge amount of my time. Best case scenario, it will take me a year or so to get through everything. If I'm being honest, probably quite a bit mor

Sabbat Pack Creation: Traits and Options

In the previous post I talked about the basic rules for the creation of the Sabbat Pack. In this post, I want to look at the individual components that make up the Pack, and the various options available for them. Following the previous ideas, you choose which general kind of Pack you want to be part of, then pick and choose from the Trait. Each has a "default" value for each Trait, based on the type of Pack. There are then various PRO's and CON's that can be choosen to further customize each Trait, hopefully making each Pack unique and distinctive. Vespers/Twilight Territory : Generally, in the least desirable areas for Cainites to live, such the suburbs, residential communities, small outlying town, etc. Base Hunting difficulty is 8 (6 for members)           PRO: Your territory is in a far more central and prestigious location, such as Downtown or a tourist-friendly area known for its vice. Base difficulty of 6 (4 for members)           CON: You ha