Friday, January 26, 2018

MoMj: The Corruption Saga - Session 14

Having finally seen the true danger of Rulla, Deirik, Eirik, Ygvard, and Boldulf, with their friends Kiro and Sergei, immediately race around the longhall. Eirik uses his woodworking skill to brace the larger barn doors on either end. The other men throw debris and wood planks against the other doors and barricade the windows. They grab dried goods and any kindling they can find an pile it up near one of the walls, planning to burn the longhall as a last resort. It's not long before they can hear the screeching, croaking, and growling of the Fell as they make their way through the town and come just outside the longhall.

The Men make their way to the upper level and look out the large window at the scene: it's one out of a nightmare. The entire town is crawling with undead. They hear a gentle rattle of one of the doors downstairs, as if the Fell were expecting to be able to open it. It's immediately followed by a more insistent rattle. Then, other doors begin to shake, as the growling outside increases in volume. The Fell are realizing they're not alone.

The Fell start frantically moving around the longhall, testing it for weaknesses. It isn't long before they spot the Men of Mjarn in the upper window. They call out, and the response is immediate. Fell start rushing towards the longhall, the first of them slam against the walls and get trampled down. The next slam against those and pile on. Soon, there is a large pile of writhing undead that is providing a ramp to the upper window where the Men stand.

The Men brace themselves, readying their weapons to obliterate anything that enters the window while Boldulf and Sergei watch the rest of the longhall. The Fell begin to stream into the window, the first of whom get sliced to ribbons by the blades of the Men, but more immediately follow. Luckily, these Fell were only villagers, not trained for combat, so they continue to make mistakes and rush into the death trap the men have established. The danger is not in their ability though, but their numbers.

One of the doors on the side of the longhall starts to crack. Not good! Eirik races down to see how he may best brace it while the rest of the men maintain their stances. Eirik realizes the fastest way to brace the doors is to knock down the merchant stalls right next to them and allow the mass of debris to completely block them. He and Boldulf make quick work of the stalls and consider the side doors of the longhall sufficiently blocked. They then both race back upstairs.

As soon as they get there, Kiro produces a flask of oil and indicates they should throw it on the "ramp" mass of Fell and burn them down. He then throws it out the window followed shortly by a torch from Ygvard and the screams of the Fell resound as they burn! Having dealt with the threat on this side for now, the Men turn to find Fell have begun streaming in from the other window on the upper side of the longhall. The Men race in that direction, cutting through all the Fell they encounter, and once again throw oil and torch on the ramp they created to prevent them from continuing.

"This is not good, there are too many of them," Ygvard says as he rolls his eyes and shakes his head.

"We may be safer on the roof, I think we should climb up," says Eirik.

Deirik nods, "I agree, we should climb before they do. We'll have a better vantage point and can repel them from there."

"Keep your eyes open for a necromancer, or Legate... someone who may be controlling this mass," says Ygvard.

Each of the men then carefully swings out from the window and ascends to the roof of the longhall. Ygvard's foot slips, and he nearly falls into the mass of burning, grasping Fell below, but Eirik reaches down and secures his ascent! The Men then drag Sergei, the large wolf, up to the roof as well, who is unsettled not only by the ascent but the incline of the roof and his unsure footing.

Not long after the men have all reached the roof, the first drops of rain hit; a storm is moving in.

Deirik shakes his head as a raindrop hits him in the eye, "Yeah, that's just what we needed."

The men then hear scratching and scrabbling on both sides of the longhall, as they peer over, they see Fell have begun to climb the sides and make their way to the roof. Having seen them coming, the men brace themselves to repel the Fell immediately as they reach the top, and do so without issue. However, this is not the end.

Off to the side of the longhall, the men notice a few Fell moving forward tentatively. They stop before reaching the longhall and look up at the men. The Men do not respond, so the Fell turn and croak at some more Fell to come forward. With it being "enough," the Men throw a flask and torch at this group. It only sets three of them on fire, but those three charge the longhall! They place themselves up against the wooden walls and allow themselves to die there. The Men then realize that the Fell are trying to burn the longhall themselves!

"Damn! We've gotta be a lot more careful about how we use this oil. It's bad enough we only have 4 left!" exclaims Eirik.

The Men then set to repel the Fell from the roof as they continue their onslaught. Looking out into the town, it's still filled with frenzied movement. They've barely made a dent in the undead population. It doesn't help their vision and assessment of the situation that the rain has started to come down a bit harder. It does help put out the fire on the side of the longhall though, which was blackened and burnt, but not broken.

Noises from inside the longhall indicate that some Fell have gotten in! The Men look on either end and find one ramp has quietly been "rebuilt" and Fell are racing in to claim the hall. They throw a flask of oil down and burn the ramp, then run to the other end of the hall and adeptly jump and swing into the opposite window from the active ramp. They come crashing down amidst several Fell, but make short work of them! They once again race through the hall, dismantling every undead in their path and clear the hall.

They return to their second story vantage point and look out into the town. The streets still writhe in an unsettling manner, but the Fell seem to be keeping their distance. Over the next several hours the Mens' adrenaline subsides and tiredness is setting in, but the occasional group of Fell sent in to test the Mens' defenses keeps them awake.

Time passes until, with most of the night passed and sunrise only a couple hours away, the croaking and growling of the Fell increases in volume and frequency. They seem to be calling out, almost coordinating. The Men stand up, shake off the tiredness, and mentally prepare themselves. The final attack is coming...

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