Thursday, November 1, 2018

Left Behind, Letter One


I am certain that this letter, when it arrives to you, will come as something of a shock. When last we spoke we exchanged words which may chairtabily be described as “harsh.” It has been a month since then, and while I certainly recal my vow to never speak with you again, our beloved sister Agatha has entreated me to write to you. If not for our sake, than at least for that of our parents.

Their passing this past winter has not been easy for the family, as I am certain that you are aware. Though, perhaps, you do not feel it so keenly. You were always the favorite, after all, and what little fortune our family possessed was dedicated to you. Your education and prospects always remained prominent in our parents thoughts, to the detremint of the rest of their children. I assume they thought that you would use their gifts to give aid and succor to the remainder, particularly to our sisters. It would appear that they were mistaken in your intentions.

In your absence, it has fallen to me to care for the family. Agatha is particular is struggling. What dowery had been provided for her has been absorbed by our father’s creditors, and her marriage to Julian appears to no longer be feasible. But, we will make do, as we always have. With so much of our parents wealth and attention devoted to you and your success, the rest of us have learned to soldier on in the hardships of life.

I continue dutifully working for the Athenor Trade Company. While merely a clerk, I have invested what monies I have in the firm, for surely trade will resume properly once this damnable war is resolved. Until then, I do all that I can to care for our family, and make certain that your absence is not too keenly felt.

I trust that you have found your “New World” fascinating, and that your lawyerly training is serving you well in negotiations with the illiterate and savage orcs that populate that waste lande, and the desperate renters whos misery you are charged with compounding.

Your brother,


My first prompt, the 5 of Clubs, indicated that Milo’s initial stance will be Doldrums/Anger. So, not a lot is going in the initial post, so I decided to focus on his general resentful feelings for his brother. He’s heavily biased, of course, and, I feel, writing the letter through gritted teeth.

In order to maintain something close to the proper feel of All We Love We Leave Behind, I decided to not edit the letter. As such, any spelling or grammar mistakes are, if not intentional, at least left in intentionally. Those in these editorial sections can be blamed solely on my own incompetence.

Now that the letter is complete, I need to look to the future. As this one was a Doldrums, I need to write my next letter in 1 day. I pick up my deck and draw the following:

Ace of Diamonds

This is a major positive event for the entire community of Avalon, dealing with money. Looks like Trade is picking up! We’ll deal with the details next time.

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