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New Year, New Character 2021

New Year, New Character

Over on Facebook (yes, I’m an old), I stumbled upon a pretty interesting “X Day Challenge”—The New Year, New Character Challenge, which basically boils down to creating 31 Characters in 31 Days.  I’m starting fairly late, but this sounds like a pretty fun setup. Timing might be a bit of a challenge, but, well, that's in the name.

From The Other Side Blog

Still, the challenge itself is fairly vague. 31 Characters, granted, but what else? One could, I suppose, create 31 5th Ed D&D Characters, or all Fate, or anything else. As such, I’m going to add a few more “house rules” to my creation. This is just for own personal guidance, others who are doing this challenge have their own.     

1. As much as possible, I will use only the core or base book. Bringing in a bunch of other books will increase my time and challenge considerably. I know at least one game where I will violate this rule, because I really like the “Complete X Handbook” Series for AD&D 2nd Edition, so I will probably be using some kits for that one. Otherwise, core only.

2. As much as possible, I will allow the dice to dictate the character. In games with random character creation, this means using the random tables and charts when provided. For those that are more “point based,” I will be using the “Universal NPC Emulator” to come up with a base idea/concept of the character I’m trying to create, or creating my own random charts.

3. I will be using physical games I already own.

4. I'll be doing 31 different games. Though how different the various editions of, say, Dungeons & Dragons actually are is somewhat up for debate.

I think that’s about it.  Here’s the list of games I’m planning on working on. The arrangement is based solely on what game came to my mind as I was compiling the list/what I saw on my shelves, rather than a proper outline of what I intend to create. I’ll probably end up rolling dice to determine which game to do when.

#          Game

1          Call of Cthulhu

2          Vampire: The Masquerade (5th Ed)

3          Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (2nd Ed)

4          Heroes Unlimited

5          Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle & Other Strangeness

6          Stars Without Number

7          Wolves of God

8          Rifts

9          Starfinder

10        Pathfinder (2nd Ed)

11        Traveler (The New Era)

12        Thousand Year Old Vampire

13        Shadowrun

14        Star Wars (West End Games)

15        Star Wars (d20)

16        Ars Magica

17        Aberrant

18        Cyberpunk 2020

19        Legend

20        Werewolf the Apocalypse

21        Mage the Ascension

22        Vampire Dark Ages

23        GURPS

24        Palladium Fantasy

25        Dresden Files

26        Mutants & Masterminds

27        Dungeons & Dragons (Rules Cyclopedia)

28        Mechwarrior

29        Pendragon

30        Silent Legions

31        Capers 

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