Tuesday, October 8, 2013

30 Days of Night--The Vampire: The Masquerade Challenge

The Vampire 30 Day Challenge is a motivational tool to encourage people to, over the course of 30 Days, blog or post something they find interesting about the classic White Wolf game Vampire: The Masquerade. These posts can range from a few sentences to rambling, multi-page mini-essays. It doesn't really matter how much one writes, so long as you find the topic fun, and it encourages you write and post fairly regularly. It is, in many ways, similar to NaNoWriMo, in that it is an excuse to think and write about cool things.

The Challenge itself is a derivative of the "D&D 30 Day Challenge." The topics listed in that Challenge are of course highly focused on Dungeons & Dragons subjects, specifically the Third Edition of that game. As such, I have gone through and rewritten the "rules" or list of topics. As I progressed through the Challenge, certain topics seemed like an ill-fit, either for Vampire as a whole (for example, an entire week on "type of enemies" didn't really fit the World of Darkness) or based on my own way of approaching the game (for example, I make characters based on each Chronicle, so I do not have "characters I want to play" or "will never play again").  The original version of the Challenge can be found here, while the first update is here. The final version is below.

  1. How you got started
  2. Favorite Camarilla Clan
  3. Favorite Non-Camarilla Clan
  4. Favorite City/Setting
  5. Your favorite set of dice/individual die
  6. Humanity--What does it mean to you?
  7. Paths of Enlightenment
  8. Favorite Edition
  9. Favorite Character You Have Played
  10. Favorite Character You Haven’t Played
  11. Craziest thing that’s happened that you saw (to party/character/your players etc)
  12. Favorite Adventure You Have Run
  13. Favorite Chronicle Concept
  14. Favorite Alternate Setting
  15. Favorite NPC
  16. Favorite Theme
  17. Favorite Conflict
  18. Favorite Story Archetype
  19. How do you use boons and social obligations?
  20. What role does the Primogen and power play in your game?
  21. What role do the Harpies and social games play?
  22. Feeding and the hunt
  23. How do you handle Virtues and Degeneration?
  24. Favorite Background
  25. How do you form Broods and Coteries?
  26. Favorite Discipline
  27. How do you design your City?
  28. What role does history play in your Chronicle?
  29. Favorite Supplement
  30. Best Storyteller You've Had

Obviously, even this list missed huge parts of Classic Vampire, such as: Horror, Personal Horror, the Sabbat, other Sects, etc. The list above is just a the ideas that I followed, but others should pick those topics that inspire them.

So far,  I know of two other bloggers who have taken up the challenge. Anthony Jennings of Read the Damn Book and Teylen's RPG Corner. If you are interested in taking up this incredibly fun, if slightly exhausting, Challenge please let me know! I'd love to follow you on your journey.

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