Monday, February 5, 2018

A Lonely Hope

A Lonely Hope was a Solo Vampire: The Masquerade I played between October 2017 and February 2018. While I have done Vampire games before, A Lonely Hope was a bit of an experiment. For this game, I combined the "urban adventure" rules from the Kevin Crawfords Scarlet Heroes game with Vampire. The result, while rather scatter shot, did end up creating a pretty tense and thrilling pulp-style game.

Character Creation In which we first meet our hero, Hanson. She was created as a random character.

Session "0" In which the story starts to take shape, and we determine what the stakes are. 

Prologue Hanson is set to watch over Dona and her faithful gathering, until everything goes wrong.

Scene 1 Hanson attempts to track down the man responsible for the chaos.

Scene 2 & 3 Hanson is in over her head.

Scene 4 Hanson looks for answers from the mad.

Scene 5 Hanson must face another fight for her life.

Scene 6 Hanson finally gets the answers she's been looking for.

Scene 7 Hanson is betrayed

Scene 8 and 9 Exhausted and alone, Hanson decides to strike back.

Scene 10 Hanson looks for an ally.

Scene 11 Hanson breaks in to her foes haven, looking for clues.

Scene 12 Hanson gets the evidence she needs, and begins turning the tide.

Scene 13 Hanson forges an unlikely alliance.

Scene 14 Hanson attempts a daring rescue

Scene 15 Hanson faces the final battle.

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