Wednesday, July 17, 2019


Now that I've got a rough idea on my setting, Cresthaven, I need to get some more details in place for it.   First, I've been thinking a bit more about Mardok's Rangers. The "mercenary takeover" idea is a decent one, but their sheer size and power is a bit alarming. What if they're not a merc force, but instead the military forces of a more established power. Perhaps their a forward force of Free Quebec, or the dreaded Splugorth Slavers (servants of the Lovecraftian entity that rules Atlantis), or a band from the Federation of Magic or something else?

Are they a Mercenary Band?
(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

But, they have a secret of some sort, something else going on with them. I make a note of this, but decide not to explore it further--something to discover in game.

Now, let's look at the questions I had from last time:
* Who was the Protector?
* What are the "dangers" around Cresthaven, and why is Mardok so unconcerned about them?
* What do the people believe?
* What is the relationship of the magic wielders and the Rangers?
* Who are the primary families in town, and how have they responded to the presence of the Rangers?

Starting with the first, let's see Who was the Protector? Let's see what a "complex description" can give me:
Hopelessly / Delicate

Well...that's unexpected. Not some power-armored badass, but something more subtle. Perhaps a wizard or a psychic or a some sort of fey spirit? Maybe even a deity of some sort. I decide whoever it was, was a "she." Was she a deity?
(50/50 | 6[d10]) Yes, but...

Wooden statue of the Lady
Rifts does have states for a godling/demigod type characters, and I decide that she was one of these, probably with the Magic special powers. She was the "Lady in the Woods," and worshiped by the community. I figure the few remaining magical practitioners are what remains of her immediate followers. I'm sure that there was something else going on with her being here rather than merely protecting Cresthaven, but that's another mystery to discover in play.

What happened to her?

The "hopelessly delicate" gives me some guidance. Maybe she grew sick and weary over time? At least it seemed that way to her followers, who probably blamed the attach on some other supernatural force. I'm going to say that they believe she merely sleeps, and that is is there duty to find and defeat this force. Each has their own pet theory as to what exactly it was that struck her, and what needs to be done to revive her.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Setting First Game Design

I feel like I haven't been gaming as much as I would like lately. Part of this is just the time of year, as life and work tend to become quite hectic around now. But, it's also a matter of focus. I've been doing a few games here and there, but each has ended with the rather unceremonious death of the PC.

Well, I want to get going again, but this time I want to approach things a little bit different than I normally do. In most of my Solo games, I've started with the PC first, and then tried to build the story and the world around them. Or, I've started with a module or something like that. For this game, I want to try building up a setting first, give it some degree of detail and conflict, and then create a character to part of this world. If they die, perhaps the setting will outlive them, and the initial PC's death will simply become part of the background. Of course, not everything will be "known" right from the start. What details I create are intended to be "common knowledge" in the setting. Perhaps everyone "knows" that the local merchant is acting as a front for criminals. Maybe this is true, maybe not. Perhaps he's being forced into it due the gang threatening his family. Maybe he's actually their boss. Maybe the merchant and the thieves are both members of an insidious cult. I won't know when I start--and it's answering the "maybes" that will hopefully form at least part of the game.

Now, the first question is "what game/setting do I want to play?" As I had little idea of what I wanted to use, I immediately discarded any generic system. While I'm actually a fan of a couple of these, they really only work when you have a very clear idea of what kind of game you want to run. I then used a couple of tools and resources I was recommended, but none of them felt right for me. Not that the ideas generated were bad, per se, but none of them excited me or got me interested. It did clarify that there were some ideas I didn't want though, and that was helpful as well. Finally, I just wrote down a list of the games I already own, and came up with reasons to discard them. I'm playing in a traditional D&D game, so that was out. I've done a lot of Vampire and am planning on doing a game for that once Chicago by Night is released, so that was out. Went through the lists, and finally realized that the game that had what I wanted (ie: just kind of everything), that I knew pretty well, and that I was actually kind of excited about exploring was Rifts.

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